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for people in need has the power to transform your heart.You don’t have to be an expert on world issues to pray about them. I told her that I have been praying for the Syrians, and that many from around the world are praying all during December.It was the biggest show Mercer had ever played in London, but he was laid back and engaging as he described the inspiration for the app. I figured there must be an app that allows you to do that. It wasn't really an idea as much as a failed shopping attempt!"I was at an old restaurant in Hawaii", Mercer recalled in a bare office somewhere in the bowels of the venerable venue, "and I saw a collage that the proprietors had made over the years, all the cut-out pictures of faces of their friends and family and their regulars. " With the help of Ben Fogarty, president of digital design agency The Brigade, and Zeke Howard, former-bandmate-turned-programmer, Mercer set about creating a collage app.Mercer said he doesn't know anything about coding and has a newfound respect for how difficult the development process can be."I think what I bring is more of an aesthetic eye", he said."We talk a lot about the interface, how it should look, color choices and things like that.So on my side it kind of feels like doing a record. As we spoke, the haunting sound of violins drifted through the air.

He was responsible for relaying the congratulatory letters from the Syrian opposition to then President-elect Reuven Rivlin.David's business name is exactly what he stands for INTEGRITY!He took the time to understand me and my business plan as well as provided me the resources and education I needed to make crucial business decisions.We gave them weapons to fight the terrorists – now we no longer give them weapons to protect themselves.We did not give them weapons so that they could make states.

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