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Your home would be filled with these discussions on the issues of equal pay and gender equality. Jin: Seokjin would be all for dating a feminist - he’d be very influenced and moved by what you had to say on different matters.

I bet he’d read something online and send it to you just so he could hear what you had to say.

Tinder works by using attractiveness as a proxy for compatibility.

Every dating site has to use something as a proxy for in-person meeting and compatibility, and some sites prefer different methods over others.

“Who wouldn’t Google someone if they were going to go out or do business with them?

Tinder does work if what you're looking for is attractiveness, it can work for dating if you're lucky.

Instead of surveying friends and family for information, singles can plug in a name, phone number or e-mail address and plumb a slew of public databases to find out if Mr. Seemingly Wonderful is married, a convicted felon or worse, a weekend clog dancer.

Today, a new mobile phone program called Date Check has streamlined that process.

Suga: I think Yoongi would have known that you were a feminist from the beginning of your relationship - he seems like the type of person who could just read a person so easily.

It wouldn’t surprise him, in fact he would be enamored at the fact you were so passionate about something that meant a lot to you.

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“There was a time when people thought it was rather unromantic, when they looked down on checking someone out, but in the past five years, investigating a date has definitely become more acceptable,” said Vicki Siedow, a Los Angeles private investigator.

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