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According to the Daily Record Lucy shared screen grabs of her sister's messages on Facebook writing: 'Ok, so my sister messaged someone on an online dating site (Plenty of Fish) just to say hi..got this (apparently "on file") reply regarding his choice of not going for "older and over weight" women. .'He continued: 'I was also specific about weight as I have never been attracted to big women.

However, since moving to Scotland and going on POF I have learned that 'average body type' is commonly held to be around dress size 14-16.

I did because I'm not model skinny but not fat.

I am also tall and the ladies like that a lot.' 'There is obviously a large population of Scottish ladies who have a clearly unrealistic opinion of their own appeal/ attractiveness as potential partners.

Unless it lists a weight range, these methods are subjective at best.

If it's a weight range, it's still inaccurate.

Men, especially, will pass on a woman's profile if he just "can't tell". It's just because he's been burned and he's tired of paying for ridiculous dates. My own husband (who went out on a grand total of like four online dates) once went out with a woman who listed herself as "athletic". But if that's an inaccurate listing for your body type, it's also going to bring you disappointment and tears after years of unsuccessful dating. Especially in areas of the country that are more fit or more metropolitan. Because of this, you're body is shaped well, but you don't have to be ripped to look great. Typically, men will use the Heavyset and Stocky categories, not women.

I had one matchmaking client tell me that he drove 100 miles for an evening online date, only to find that the woman has posted her roommate's photo on her profile. To keep it simple, I'm going to use Match.com's description system and give you my definitions based on what men have told me that expect out of certain listed body types: Slender: You're not carrying an extra 5-10 pounds, and you probably don't work out a lot. You probably wear a clothing size under a size 8, unless you're particularly tall. A Few Extra Pounds: You're anywhere from 15-25 pounds overweight for you.

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I can probably proudly say with 100% confidence that I am pretty much fine with not being skinny. When I cheer for sports or wave at someone from far away, my tricep fat starts to fly.

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