Diana vickers and eoghan quinn dating

Some messages have even shown viewers self-harming in grisly attempts to grab their idols' attention.Singer Lauren Murray, 25, said: "People can be so mean on Twitter, they forget we’re just normal people."A few of us have even had death threats."And we’ve had people send pictures of themselves cutting our names into their arms. She belongs to the nationality English and her ethnicity is white.Maybe Son Of Dork didn't manage to take over the world in quite the same way Busted did.We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” Asked whether she and Eoghan could become a couple, Diana told Heat: “I can’t say. Right now I’m not going to think about anything like that. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Speaking about her feelings, she revealed: “There’s a difference between loving each other and being in love.

Eoghan is more of a sports star than a superstar nowadays, playing for Northern Ireland's championship two football team Coagh United.

The teenage singing rivals were apparently looking very ‘coupley’ after singing on Saturday night’s show, and were then seen cuddling in a taxi, reports The Sun.

“They don’t care who knows they’re an item any more,” said a show insider.

“They’re always together and everybody knows they’re a couple now.” During the Take That-themed show, Diana, 17, sang the band’s hit Patience and 16-year-old Eoghan treated the audience to a performance of Never Forget.

Both made it through to next week, while over-25 singer Rachel Hylton got the boot.

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