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Similar: Help This Actor With His Mom Problem First Actor (who just came out)/TV Series: Second Actor/TV Series: [Optional] Would finding out that your favorite actor is gay affect the way you view their performance?

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Men, especially, will pass on a woman's profile if he just "can't tell". It's just because he's been burned and he's tired of paying for ridiculous dates. My own husband (who went out on a grand total of like four online dates) once went out with a woman who listed herself as "athletic". But if that's an inaccurate listing for your body type, it's also going to bring you disappointment and tears after years of unsuccessful dating. Especially in areas of the country that are more fit or more metropolitan. Because of this, you're body is shaped well, but you don't have to be ripped to look great. Typically, men will use the Heavyset and Stocky categories, not women.

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From July 2010 through September 2016, Alexander starred as Maura Isles in the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles. She began acting in school productions in the seventh grade.

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In California, after a convicted sexoffender serves their sentence, Penal Code 290 (PC 290) requires that they register as a sex offender with the city or county police department.