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And come to think of it, what actually does make woman happy?Can anyone on planet earth really understand women?Basically it's this: Women seek confidence and a challenge.Looks are less important, and really each woman has a bare minimum that she will date and as long as you are tall enough you can ride the ride so to speak.

THE SYSTEM - THE DATING DICTIONARY covers some specific concepts and ingredients involved in the dynamics of any relationship.How to use your phone and her voicemail to your advantage. The all-important First Date - crucial do's and don'ts for total success. What she really wants versus what she says she wants. How to discover her true motives and secret agenda.A quick and easy test to instantly determine if she really likes you.The importance of asking for her phone number correctly and what her answer really means.Screening out takers and users - before you spend time and money.

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He wrote a book, and writes for several internet columns offering dating advice to men.

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