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Charles' floral patterns, however, became perhaps the more memorable of the family business and inspired great artists such as Monet.

Arlene states in the forward of the first book - Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China Book I - published in 1950 -For many years I have been specializing in Haviland China.

When my mother died last year at 87, I was torn between grief and the immediate need to empty the New York City apartment she had lived in for 50 years.

As her only child and executor, I had 30 days to dismantle a beloved home filled not only with memories, but with stacks of bank statements, overflowing closets (Mom had owned a women's clothing boutique), boxes of unsorted photos, furniture, antiques, kitchenware and more.

This difficult experience led me to want to help others going through the same process.

As Julie Hall, an appraiser and liquidator and author of says, “Feelings are raw and you're in crisis mode — that doesn't lend itself to good decisions." So here are nine tips, based on my ordeal and subsequent reporting, that should ease the way if you need to clean out your parent’s home: 1. I was responsible for everything, which was a burden, but also an advantage: I didn't have to wait for others to make the clean-out decisions.

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