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Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Children's Hospital and a spokesperson from the influential pediatricians group is sounding the alarm about sedating children for oral surgery.

"If we can prevent one more child from an adverse event or a death, we’ve got to try,” Swanson told NBC News. The state boards that oversee dental practice in America usually don’t make that kind of information public.

Your child’s dentist will give the sedation with the use of a “space mask,” which carries air (oxygen) mixed with the medication.

Your child will be asked to breathe through the nose, not the mouth, and will sense a faint, sweet smell. The mask will remain in place until the procedure is done.

Sherry, RDH, MSEd Preventing or reducing the chance of death due to dental anesthesia remains on the minds of most practitioners.

A growing chorus of advocates including pediatricians and lawmakers are calling for change.

Megyn Kelly is one of America’s most prominent news anchors, known for her ability to focus on breaking stories, as well as in-depth investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and human interest pieces.

But on June 12, Daleyza Hernandez Avila, 3, died during a dental procedure.

The dentist sedated Daleyza to keep the toddler from wriggling while she was getting crowns and having a tooth pulled. Now, Araceli wants to warn other parents about the dangers that she wasn’t aware of.

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A dentist with DOCS Education, a company offering training in dental sedation, wrote that the practice can put "as much as half a million extra in your pocket at retirement." Its website even features a shopping cart.

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