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Hi, I have a Via 1435 that gave me the no map foun. On the 1435 the slot is hidden by the place where the power cord plugs in. 4 Guess what, My Direct drive software recognizes the card. On the top bar of thr Di Rect drive you see 3 topics, click either overview or my content (I forget which one) 6. It down loads the map to the computer and installs it on the3 gps.

Got a hold of a tech rep from tomtom (in India) who knew how to fix this. THE REASON FOR THE NO MAPS FOUND IS THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MEMORY IN THE TOMTOM TO HOLD THE NEW MAP. The one that shows the updated map for your gps is the one you need.

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This is a general guide ,what means you will have to find the stuff you need yourself ! ) First some general infos and tips : Some terms : Navcore : the software that runs on your Tomtom - same as your Windows on the PC SE Navcore : a special Navcore that emulates functions of "bigger" Tomtom devices ,sometime with "switchfiles" to deactivate functions you don't really need to safe on RAM : file containing all important info's of your device Bootloader : the "bios" of your Tomtom - same as the bios for your PC Map and map version : most ppl here will need an Australian or New Zealand map - that would be the stuff you see on your Tomtom while driving The map version is the number that identifies the map e.g.

830.2352 for the latest Australian map with ALG , CSSpeech and IQ routes : file containing the blowfish code to activate maps - sometimes only as text in the thread with the download link.

Click your email address in the top right hand side of the screen and log in again and click continue. Now your Tomtom will update itself and your maps will be restored. Sounds like a file is missing from the Tom Tom map directory. You should have the tomtom home screen in front of you, Now even if tomtom home is showing you logged in, ignore this. When the screen comes up with NO MAPS FOUND put in the sd card.

What can I do about it, I went on the tomtom site and found nothing. You should have the tomtom home screen in front of you, Now even if tomtom home is showing you logged in, ignore this. I've tried that loads of times now and still shows "No maps found! I've even tried formatting my card, then copying everything back over - I'm back to where I started... " Even though my map is shown in all the files and under 'show contents of my ONE' Please help! If you are trying to install if it is a v7 map, it won't show if it is 675 map. If you've had to create an account restart tomtom home. Hold down the on button on the GPS until toy here the drum sound.

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